PTC and ITC Infotech expand alliance

PTC and ITC Infotech have announced an agreement to accelerate customer digital transformation initiatives, focused on the adoption of PTC’s Windchill® product lifecycle management (PLM) software as a service (SaaS).


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ITC Infotech will acquire a portion of PTC’s PLM implementation services business and create a new business unit of ITC Infotech, called DxP Services, that will combine PLM professional services experts from both companies. The two companies will work together to deliver “in-flight” Windchill implementation services for a broad set of existing PTC customers while also enabling a growing number of customers to move from their existing, sometimes highly-customized on-premises implementation of Windchill to next-generation, best-practice SaaS.

Across all aspects of business, digital transformation and SaaS adoption have gone mainstream, with more than half of all commercial software expected to be sold as SaaS this year. In the manufacturing industry, the SaaS adoption curve is accelerating, driven in part by the COVID pandemic. To meet this fast-emerging market need, PTC is investing heavily to bring its entire product portfolio to the cloud via its PTC Atlas™ SaaS Platform. With this new agreement, PTC and ITC Infotech will bring together professionals from both companies into a unified team dedicated to creating, and jointly offering, the tooling and methodologies required to expedite a smooth transition to SaaS.