Tales from a traveling interpreter

Thinking of working as an escort interpreter? Or hiring one for your next business trip? Here are the skills that any interpreter should possess.

Text by Afaf Steiert


Tales from a traveling interpreter

Image: © oneinchpunch/istockphoto.com

Interpreting is somewhat like Yin Yang in Tai Chi: a precious balance and flow of energy between body and mind. While we need to remain physically fit to meet the demands of interpreting – prolonged sitting, extended walks with delegates to satisfy their sightseeing needs, standing on our legs for long periods of time – our mind has to be focused, quick-thinking, yet calm at all times.

Even when taking a break from traveling with delegates or doing conference interpreting for a few months (or in some cases even a couple of years), we need to keep our mind and body fit during this down time, rather than vacationing and just switching off. Taking a Zumba class, going on a hike or biking are easy ways to keep your body fit. Keeping your mind sharp is not as straightforward and might include studying glossaries of subjects relevant to your specialization or upcoming assignment.

Keeping the ...