How to choose a public knowledge base platform

A knowledge base solution helps to effectively manage content and improves the output. Here is what to consider when choosing a platform.

Text by Selvaraaju Murugesan


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A knowledge base is a collection of information repositories that helps to capture corporate knowledge for internal purposes. It can also provide product- or service-related documentation for customers and external business partners.

The typical use cases for a knowledge base are documentation for both software and hardware, standard operating procedures, and corporate knowledge management.


What is a knowledge base platform?

A knowledge base platform is a software solution that helps you to build a knowledge base for your business use case. It needs to cater to two types of audiences: content creators and content consumers. In many use cases, content creators are technical writers. However, other corporate roles also contribute to the content creation process. Content consumers, on the other hand, are typically customers or internal stakeholders.

Procuring a knowledge base solution ...