Competence requirements for technical communicators in the digital age

tekom education and training committee defines qualifications and skills needed for a successful career in technical communication.

Text by Daniela Straub


Digitalization, intelligent information, Artificial Intelligence: Current technologies and methods are much discussed in technical communication; new media and innovative trends are evolving – developments are rapid. How do these developments change the work of technical communicators? Do you think that your knowledge and competencies are up-to-date? Or do you perhaps wonder what new things you could learn to further develop your skill set?

The tekom education and training expert committee has been discussing these questions in order to map technological developments in the tekom competence framework. Since 2015, the tekom competence framework has outlined job descriptions and potential job profiles in technical communication, defining competencies and required knowledge in a practical and action-oriented manner.

A survey helped the committee to identify trends and work out which ...