Six ways to improve your TC career

Feeling as if you’ve reached a deadlock in your career? Don’t leave your future to its fate – it is all in your hands! Here are some tips that will give your career a boost and a surge of new energy.

Text by Leah Guren


Six ways to improve your TC career

Image: © Dmitriy Shironosov/

It’s time to take responsibility

Do you ever feel as though you are drowning in a deluge of self-help tips? Everything from weight loss to the latest management fad seems to find its way into my inbox. And while it is quite tempting to simply delete all of these emails and get back to my emergency du jour, I risk deleting useful tips that directly relate to career planning.

Let’s face it: no one else is going to take responsibility for your career. Each of us needs to learn how to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work of analysis, planning, and implementing, if we want to make wise career choices. Without this hard work, we end up passively riding the waves of fortune (both good and bad).

Many people avoid this self-imposed career planning because it seems like a lot of work (it is) and it may reveal things that they prefer to ignore (it does). Who wants to discover an embarrassing ...