Global communication plays a key role in ending the pandemic

Skepticism and mistrust continue to hamper the vaccine rollout. What local communities need right now are clear messages in their local languages.

Text by Dustin Cheung Afaf Steiert


Image: © ktsdesign/

The negative coverage of the COVID-19 vaccine has significantly impacted levels of confidence in the vaccination rollout. Media outlets across nations have been quick to highlight the tragedies of those who have suffered the unforeseen side effects of the vaccine, however rare they might be. This has deterred many people from getting vaccinated, especially if it’s the only news they see. Towards the start of 2021, the NIH reported several surveys on the hesitance in taking the vaccine, signifying low numbers of people who are willing to have the vaccine injected. The study revealed that only around 48 percent of people had agreed to be vaccinated in October, an astonishingly low number considering that this is the key to ending a global pandemic. This reluctance presents a direct threat in the battle to defeat the virus. It is clear that the presentation and communication of the ...