Why we need to embrace social business

The rise of content marketing forces us to re-think the very idea of technical communication. Not only do we need to produce top-quality, accurate user information, but content that has the power to engage consumers at any part of the customer journey.

Text by Rahel Anne Bailie


Why we need to embrace social business

In many organizations, the pressure to take advantage of “social” is coming, if it hasn’t arrived already. Marketing departments around the world are looking for ways to initiate social collaboration. Sometimes the ideas are sound; other times, it is painfully obvious that the initiative is a misplaced reaction to a conference presentation on the joys of being social, or a vendor meeting for social software. As technical communicators, training in social media and social business is not part of our curriculum. So how can we determine an appropriate social initiative?

This article will discuss social interaction during consumer transactions, the concept of social trust, the creation of a social business model, and the role of a content strategy within the framework of content marketing and social business.

Social interactions: what “social” really means

Many organizations attest to ...