When user assistance meets user experience

Both a content strategy and a design strategy are focused on the same goal: Creating experiences that are clear, concise and consistent. So, what does it take to create experiences that work seamlessly across products?

Text by Nithya Krishnan


When user assistance meets user experience

Image: © Besjunior/istockphoto.com

Content and design both need to reflect the company’s brand. In this article, I’d like to highlight some factors that will help to knit together the worlds of content and design.

Content strategy and design strategy

A content strategy can hold the whole project together by reflecting the tone and voice of the company. When content is thought about early in a development process, it can provide some fantastic results. A consumer’s experience with a brand starts the instant they see content, be it marketing material, labels and messages on applications, tutorials, or guides.

A design strategy shows you where and how the user requirements and business goals coincide and reinforce each other. It helps you to pinpoint opportunities and subsequently design delightful experiences. It provides a platform for designing the right product or service, aimed at the right customer segment.

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