The golden triangle of content metrics

Feedback can be a gift and an asset that content-producing teams can use to demonstrate their value and improve the success of their content. But how can we measure the value of our content?

Text by Laura Bellamy


The golden triangle of content metrics

As technical writers and content producers, we provide information that serves our customers so they can successfully use our products and services. To produce effective information, we rely on customer feedback. Too often the feedback that we receive focuses on a single channel of information or a limited set of metrics. This narrow view limits our ability to make effective decisions.

Discussions of metrics and customer feedback often revolve around customer satisfaction (CSAT) and net promoter score (NPS). As a content-producing organization, you might be unable to get a single metric that shows satisfaction, let alone be able to use that metric to make data-driven decisions for your organization.

As opposed to focusing on a single metric or a single channel of customer feedback, consider expanding the scope of customer feedback data that you gather to include data across three ...