From instruction manual to interactive user assistance

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we search and consume information. Rather than studying manuals, we expect to converse with our devices and receive a personalized solution – without delay.

Text by Selvaraaju Murugesan


Image: © LaylaBird/

The days of reading PDF and printed user manuals are coming to an end. As tech-savvy users are adopting new technologies, the demand for new ways to consume technical documentation is increasing. Younger generations of customers in particular are short on time and want quick solutions rather than scanning through lengthy documentation manuals. Customers also expect to access user assistance anytime, anywhere, on any device, and in the format of their choice.

Digital companies face a multitude of other challenges such as a high volume of customer support tickets, high operations costs, and plummeting customer satisfaction scores whenever things do not go their way. Propelled by emerging customer needs and aiming to solve their problems, many digital companies are adopting online knowledge base solutions to enhance their technical documentation.

Self-service has been touted as the ...