The first five things your company should translate

As the pace of globalization continues, companies are pushed beyond their own linguistic boundaries. With a limited translation budget, where do you start your localization journey?

Text by Sophie Jones


Image: © Warchi/

More and more companies are working with foreign clients, partners, and suppliers, increasing the importance of adopting foreign languages ​​in their businesses. Translations into foreign languages, knowledge of foreign business specifics, and specialized terminology are all vital in the field of IT, as well as in banking and investment and many other areas of business. Without a doubt, adopting products, services, and content for foreign markets is the way forward for any company seeking to develop on an international scale. Yet, translation requires material costs and organizational capabilities. Let's take a look at five things your company mustn’t miss out on translating.


1. Social media advertising

With almost 1.5 billion people speaking English either as their native or as a foreign language, many international brands have made English their primary lingua franca. Yet, ...