Localization gets a communications plan

You know the value of localization, but does your manager know too?

Text by Isabella Massardo


Image: © Cecilie_Arcurs/istockphoto.com

To truly thrive in international markets, companies must recognize the business power – and value – of localization. But that’s not always a given. Often, it comes down to our ability to communicate the value. In this article, we’ll explore the priority of developing a communications plan to convey localization's true value and look at strategies that can help us connect effectively with all stakeholders in our organizations.

Every great idea needs a communications plan

With a solid communications plan, we can ensure that everyone, from top-level executives to individual contributors, understands both the strategic importance and the potential benefits of full-scale localization initiatives.

In an interview, Alessandra Binazzi, a globalization and localization consultant and former member of GALA Global’s Board of Directors, explains: "Don't ask people to understand the intricacies of ...