Introducing the project “Centre for Next Generation Localisation”

Very often language and regional barriers restrain the free flow of information, products and services. The project “Centre for Next Generation Localisation” – an Academia-Industry partnership with over 100 researchers – helps to break down these barriers. It enables people to collaborate and disseminate their innovations and ideas without the barrier of language and cultural conventions.

Text by Dimitra Anastasiou Reinhard Schäler


Introducing the project “Centre for Next Generation Localisation”

About the project

The Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL) project started in 2008 with a duration span of five years. It includes over 100 researchers developing novel technologies. Four Irish universities are involved in the CNGL: the Dublin City University, the Trinity College Dublin, the University College Dublin and the University of Limerick. The industry partners involved are Alchemy Software Development, DNP, IBM, Microsoft, SDL, SpeechStorm, Symantec, Translan and VistaTEC. There are also international collaborators from different universities throughout the world.

The director of the project, Professor Josef Van Genabith, describes the goal of CNGL: “Our work is guided by the vision of enabling people to interact with content, products and services in their own language, according to their own culture, and according to their own personal needs.”


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