Integrating localization and technical communication: 10 critical tasks

As more companies move to structured authoring, content management and simultaneous releases on all markets, content development teams face increased pressure to start localizing earlier in the development cycle. How well a team handles issues in the following 10 areas can determine the success or failure of the integration.

Text by Katherine Brown-Hoekstra


Integrating localization and technical communication: 10 critical tasks

1. Communication

Communication is often the biggest issue mentioned at project reviews. You can never have enough timely and relevant communication. With multicultural and virtual teams, it is especially critical to communicate early, often, and in multiple ways. For example, if you have a conference call, follow up with an email verifying agreed action and due dates, and post the information in a team portal. Don't assume that everyone has the same ideas about time, project requirements or responsibilities. Instead, be explicit about expectations at the beginning of the project and, wherever possible, identify and address any potential areas of conflicting assumptions. Provide training to make sure that the localization and content teams understand the similarities and differences between the two roles. Name primary and secondary points of contact to act as liaisons with the ...