The case for DITA

DITA is a well-established standard, enabling content to be reused across publications and output channels, including present and future AI models. And this is how it can drive business growth.

Text by Jarod Sickler


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Trust is the key to business growth. There are many factors that affect the building and maintenance of trust. One of these factors is the information experience we as technical communicators provide. Our work – the creation, management, and delivery of information – sets the stage for customers’ information experience. Ideally, these experiences should answer users’ questions without the need for further, direct engagement. In other words, the information experience we provide needs to be good enough so that our customers and prospects can find the answers they need on their own.

For prospects, good information experiences build trust. For customers, they maintain it. The quality of and access to technical information can build that trust or erode it. By extension, the quality of the information experiences we provide can drive the growth of our businesses.

To deliver high-quality ...