Learning with mobile videos

Video-based documentation of processes and instructions is a long established practice. A further step is the preparation of videos as mobile documentation and their implementation as web apps. The Bühler group uses video-based instructions to support its employees worldwide.

Text by Nicole Armbruster Walter Landgraf


Learning with mobile videos

Image: @ loveguli/istockphoto.com

Mills made by Bühler process 65 percent of the global grain harvest, with equally high numbers for rice, noodles, chocolates or breakfast cereals. The company headquartered in Uzwil, Switzerland is also a leading solution provider for die-casting, wet grinding and surface coating technology with a focus on automobiles, optics, electronics, printing, packaging and glass. With 140 locations across the world and around 2000 employees engaged in customer service, of which a considerable number were appointed in the last three to four years, the importance of a flexible and efficient knowledge transfer irrespective of location has been gaining ground steadily.

The idea and the motivation

All new employees go through different training stages in a “blended learning” environment. Mobile learning technology is planned to be used intensely in the preparation and transfer phase before and after ...