Coordinating terminology

For terminology work across the company it is not enough to add on to technology. Common work processes and the attunement in a terminology group are more important. What should we take into account for doing so?

Text by Tamara Arndt Rachel Herwartz


Coordinating terminology

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Whenever processes are concerned around terminology work, the first thing that comes to mind is that technical writers and translators must agree with one another. However, with respect to the source language of the company, it is not these two professionals, but rather the employees in the marketing, development, design, product management and sales departments. They coin the terminology of a company.

Individual phases of terminology work, such as extraction, check and management can be supported by software, e.g. managing terminology in databases or the terminology check of texts. However, it is not possible to automate the coordination of what can or cannot be used. Also, everyone must agree on what should actually hold as relevant terminology for a company.

The coordination process is different in every company

There is no coordination process that can be applied to every ...