Contextual content

A common content pool simplifies the creation of training material and technical documentation. Appropriate classification methods and DITA provide possibilities to set up such a pool and to exploit it for all kind of media and user groups.

Text by Sissi Closs


Contextual content

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The right information at the right time – a long -cherished wish appears to have moved within reach. This is made possible by mobile devices and their capabilities of context-based acting as well as the concepts, strategies and methods for personalized information offerings that have matured over many years. At the same time there is now a chance that the areas of technical documentation and training – which are typically separate departments in many companies – shall merge and use synergies.

Authors should offer their target audience appropriate content tailored to the audience’ requirements. This applies equally to both product information and training content. Employees from technical documentation and training are therefore facing similar challenges:

  • How can we create content in such a way that it can be re-used for different purposes?
  • How can the sources be edited with ...