How to stop the information hunt

Smooth knowledge transfer makes our jobs as technical communicators a whole lot easier. And there are many more reasons why enterprises should manage and retain knowledge as their most valuable asset.

Text by Marco Galiazzo


Image: © marrio31/

A big issue for many companies – physical goods producers in particular – is to correctly and efficiently transfer and retain the knowledge of their employees. What employees know, the way they work, the choices they make and why, are "saved" in their minds. What designers know is much more than what they put inside the CAD drawings they create. A state-of-the-art, expensive production machine is not profitable unless you have the people to make it productive. Managing knowledge transfer becomes even more complex when companies want to extend or move production facilities to a different country.

As technical communicators, we understand the challenges of transferring information from expert developers to end users. How can we apply this to knowledge management within our companies? Let’s take a closer look at knowledge as the raw material of communication, and how to retain and transfer ...