Boosting the mind

How do we meet challenges that exceed our mental and emotional capacities? A brain dump can clear the mind and provide solutions.

Text by Mathias Maul


Image: © yodiyim/

Communication – with others as well as with oneself – is at the core of personal development, coaching, and team training. Yet, communication has its obstacles as our minds are black boxes and sometimes difficult to debug. The forthcoming series of articles deals with uncluttering mental and emotional processes. In each issue, I will introduce a tool that you can use for self-improvement, even with no prior training or education. This particular article will focus on a tool called “brain dump”.

Our consciousness can only hold a small number of thoughts, feelings, ideas, and associations at the same time. Our unconscious mind works like an autopilot that we have designed and refined over the years. Unconscious mental and emotional sorting processes help us to stay clear and focused, and to feel content with ourselves and others, especially during times of high demand. However, if the ...