Agile Integration Model (AIM) for global writing teams

Built on the high-tech industry, the World Economy 2.0 is all about our connected world, where virtual offices, remote teams, multi-time zone schedules, and telecons during Uber rides including hard-to-understand accents are the new normal. With it come new, subtle, and unavoidable occupational hazards of a global, offshored workforce.

Text by Akash Dubey


Agile Integration Model (AIM) for global writing teams

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It’s anyone’s guess whether the ongoing political rambling, tariffs, sanctions, protectionism, and the US$ 250 trillion world debt will ever be able to reverse or halt the globalization wave that has washed over almost the entire planet. Businesses can’t stay competitive unless they tap the global talent and effectively utilize cost arbitrage. The following quote by Lee Kuan Yew attests this claim:

"If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you're putting yourself out of business."

Now, let’s put the spotlight on technical writers. Depending on which part of the offshoring equation they belong to, they can also be subjected to the occupational hazards of a global economy.

It’s hard to be a technical writer:

  • You are often dependent on Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for information. 
  • Not all product team members appreciate your contribution. 
  • Your check-ins ...