Writing for the 21st century

Industry 4.0 and new technologies such as intelligent agents or Augmented Reality are bringing a new user experience and transforming customer support. Their coming of age forces us to think about how we produce technical documentation to make the most of this revolution.

Text by Fabrice Lacroix


Writing for the 21st century

Source: Google.com

Technical documentation is part and parcel of the product experience. It is essential to many phases of the customer journey, from pre-sales, installation, use and maintenance through to support. Historically delivered on paper in the form of books or manuals, technical documentation is a narrative provided via words and phrases, written by humans to be read by other humans.

The advent of digital technology has disrupted this state of affairs, raising all sorts of questions concerning information architecture. The former supremacy of large books and manuals has been challenged by the emergence of short content focused on one particular topic (articles, knowledge bases). This has in turn engendered fresh challenges on how to organize this profusion of information in order to make it consistent and meaningful. Embodied by products such as Fluid Topics, Dynamic Content Delivery has managed ...