The AI revolution – what's in it for DITA writers?

How Generative AI can assist tech writers when researching, writing, and reviewing content

Text by Sorin Carbunaru


Image: © sompong_tom/

The AI revolution took the world by storm. ChatGPT reached one million users in just five days. In comparison, some of the most successful social networks only reached that number of users a few months, if not years, after their launch.

Thanks to this AI revolution sparked by ChatGPT, school kids and college students are excited to have a new helper for their homework and research projects, AI enthusiasts are thrilled to see how smart and human-like AI has become, and a staggering 97% of business owners are optimistic that their business will improve [1]. But what exactly is in this AI revolution for technical writers? And for those who use DITA? To be more precise: How can services such as ChatGPT help DITA technical writers in their daily work? Are these services going to make them lose their jobs? Let me try to provide some answers and give you some examples.

AI & technical writers: ...