Is your GPT chat private?

Remember when we wondered if our private messages on popular messaging services were really private? Despite growing concerns around security and privacy, not much has changed. Now it’s time to ask whether your business content is secure.

Text by Toni Byrd-Ressaire


Image: © piranka/

There’s no longer any doubt that machines can finally generate natural language that reads as if a human wrote it. Sure, there are still issues around accuracy (called “hallucinations”, when a machine delivers inaccurate information), but human-like, machine-generated content is a reality. While technologists have worked for years on generating conversational language through machine learning technology, the breakthrough of ChatGPT (developed by OpenAI), and the worldwide publicity around its release, made even technical communication professionals stand up and take notice.

However, in the tech comm industry, we are still grappling with the same issues that made many of us skeptical of machine-driven content. For example, technical content requires domain knowledge. But even this dilemma is being resolved by training Large Language Models (LLMs) with domain-specific data sets.

So, ...