Content sensing and Information 4.0

Context sensing provides us with the means to produce highly personalized information that is geared towards the user’s needs on a minute-by-minute basis. So are we ready to become creators of Information 4.0?

Text by Ray Gallon Andy McDonald


Content sensing and Information 4.0

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If you want to catch a glimpse of how people are going to access information in the future, download the Blippar app. Scan your hand and see what you get:

Figure 1: Four screenshots from Blippar after blipping a hand

The app recognizes the image and crawls the web for a transmedia sampling of information.

But it doesn’t stop there. Behind these results is an extensive ontology represented by spheres, which provide new results. Tap the "finger" sphere to get a new ontology in which, interestingly, one of the links leads to "amputation".

Blippar believes that visual recognition and Augmented Reality are their key innovations. And they are. However, we think the way they process and offer information to the user is even more significant.

What is important here is that none of this information is static. If the Wikipedia "Hand" entry is updated, or new relationships are found, they will be ...