Join the tekom working group "Terminology of Technical Communication"

tekom is seeking committed and motivated TC professionals who are enthusiastic about terminology work and would like to join our working group.


What does the working group "Terminology of Technical Communication" do?

We, the tekom working group "Terminology of Technical Communication" (TTK), have the goal of developing a comprehensive terminology for all central terms of technical communication in German and English, which is available to all interested parties and can be co-designed by you. We have currently developed a basic inventory of over 280 terms from the field of technical communication and are working closely with Working Group 10 of ISO/TC37, which has created the standard ISO 24183:2024(en) "Technical communication — Vocabulary".

In addition to German and English entries, Italian entries have also been incorporated via the COM&TEC Working Group Terminology since December 2022. Chinese terms were compiled as part of a project in 2016 and added to the terminology database.

One of our tasks this year is to ...