A special event for a special year

In its 35-year-long history, the tcworld conference/tekom fair has often marked the milestones for emerging trends and deeply-rooted shifts that have shaped technical communication and related sectors. The 2020 conference is sure to become another memorable event – one that will shed light on the fast-paced developments and future challenges of our industry against the backdrop of our generations’ most demanding circumstances.


While the coronavirus pandemic has made a physical get-together of our large and diverse international community impossible, we have put all our efforts into creating a digital event that will bring that unmistakable tekom feeling to the virtual. The broad range of topics will help our community members tackle today’s challenges and get prepared for post-pandemic times.

The benefits of going virtual

While we are all looking forward to the day when we can once again gather face-to-face, online has become the new normal for the time being, and we have come to discover its many benefits:

At this year’s tcworld conference you can

  • Find the right contact person, service provider, or long-lost work colleague at the click of a button: Maintain your profile in our new event app to pinpoint connections.
  • Join virtual meetings or discussion groups to exchange ideas and experiences during our interactive coffee breaks, evening programs, and much more. Book appointments with (potential) customers, exhibitors, or speakers.
  • Choose to watch the sessions live or any time that suits you. The chat groups, which are available for each session, will remain open even after the conference has ended.
  • Enjoy greatly reduced conference rates. We are directly passing on to you the savings from eliminating the congress center rental costs. Of course, you will also save on travel and accommodation expenses.

Conference topics

The program of this year's tcworld conference and tekom fair reflects our community’s wide spectrum of expertise. Even during the presentations, you can chat with other conference participants or ask the speaker questions. The conference offers 24 online sessions per day.

The diverse and inspiring topics include:

Innovation and trends

  • Content creation
  • Intelligent delivery of user information
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Analysis and content strategy
  • New user interfaces, new learning, new documentation

Basics of technical communication

  • Legal requirements and standards
  • Professional writing
  • Visual communication
  • Technical videos
  • User experience
  • Scripting and tools
  • Software documentation

Supporting processes in TC

  • Language and translation technologies
  • Technical translation
  • Terminology

Topics around TC

  • Career management
  • Project, team, and cost management

Don’t miss

In this sweeping keynote by founder Cruce Saunders, hear a vision for how to resurface latent value in organizations by reimagining how content is modeled and managed.

As an industry, do we see content structures in a single limited form? It’s time to move towards a kaleidoscopic understanding of content’s structure that can adapt itself.

The future requires flexible models and a nimble content supply chain. New patterns for content intelligence enable context-adaptive experiences. Multi-channel delivery serving chatbots, voice assistants, Augmented Reality, embedded systems, and consumer devices. And, we need to be ready for any other unique formats the future can throw at us.


Digital fair and social gatherings

Our event app will guide you through the virtual tekom fair. Here, you can learn about products, attend tool presentations, or arrange to chat with or speak to a consultant from the exhibiting business. All exhibitors are virtually active with their own profiles in our event app. There, you can find information about their products, follow tool presentations, arrange consultation appointments via video call, or chat. Currently, there are already over 70 exhibitors.

In online discussion groups, people can exchange information or enjoy relaxed meetings and conversations with colleagues in virtual cafés.

Register now

Help us keep our community together during these unprecedented times. Join us at this year’s digital tcworld conference and spread the word among your colleagues. We look forward to a successful joint tcworld conference 2020!

“Learning new things is the central aspect of tekom. To meet and exchange, network and experience the technical communication community, virtual tekom will offer a full range of options to chat among yourselves as well as with speakers and exhibitors.” Michael Fritz, CEO, tekom