Fertilizing wallflowers

Technical communicators would like to be visible within their company. However, like other departments, TC is stuck in compartmentalization. Overcoming it is no easy task – at least not until now.

Text by Mathias Maul


Fertilizing wallflowers

Image: © sarah5/istockphoto.com

In Douglas Adams' "So long and thanks for all the fish", Wonko the Sane creates a lunatic asylum for the entire world, by turning his house inside out. According to him the world had finally gone mad when a package of toothpicks needed to include a set of detailed instructions.

 Technical editors, as I am often told, really don’t have it easy. They are mere typing machines, sitting in their basement offices all day and meeting up with colleagues at night to continue working. "Wallflowers? We’re not wallflowers, but mosses and lichens! We have to know everything but get to say nothing! Lucky we don’t have a backbone, otherwise we’d show them up there what we are really capable of!"

This is an exaggeration, of course. However, marketing, especially self-marketing does not work without a little exaggeration and polarization. This is further enhanced by a personality problem: many ...