Can I have the cake and eat it too?

Positive intelligence can dramatically change our lives, both personally and professionally. And while hard skills and experience take many years to build up and hone, positive intelligence can be improved with just a few focused exercises every day.

Text by Prarthana Ajith


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"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven."

– John Milton, Paradise Lost

We go through a myriad of emotions during our lifetime, many of which leave a gnawing feeling inside us for not having done justice to what life has to offer. How many of us feel that we have reached an optimal state of happiness and performance when it comes to work and personal life? I for one feel the constant need to question if I am good enough or not. I find myself setting higher levels of achievement to reach that elusive state of happiness. On achieving what I think will make me happy, I always end up feeling that there is something lacking, and end up placing my conquest for permanent happiness further away.

How do we cope with situations like these? We read one self-help book after another, but the period of change lasts for a very short while. Learning from ...