Validating iiRDS packages made easy

tekom develops validation tool helping authors of iiRDS packages and system providers to check whether iiRDS packages are correct.


Reading time: 01:47 minutes

Generated iiRDS packages often contain errors because the export functions of some authoring tools or content management systems do not generate complete and/or correct packages. In addition, some metadata.rdf files are created manually and therefore often contain errors. As a solution, a validation tool has been developed that allows authors of iiRDS packages and system providers to check whether the iiRDS packages are correct.

Layout and usability of the iiRDS Validation Tool are similar to the iiRDS Open Toolkit. The tool is freely accessible on any modern browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and does not store any data. The entire validation process is performed in the user's browser and computer. IT security and data protection are therefore not compromised by the use of the iiRDS Validation Tool. Users simply drag and drop an iiRDS package into the validation tool and receive either a "Valid" message in green if the packages are valid, or an "Not valid" message in red indicating how many and which rule violations were detected.

The data is validated against a set of 65 rules defined from the specifications. Invalid iiRDS packets display the type and number of rule violations with reference to the particular rule in the specification. For details, the "Go to Specification" button can be used to go directly to the related text section in the specification. The Preview provides a view of the current file and violations line by line. Clicking the Format button switches to an XML view of the particular file and violations.

First introduced at the tcworld annual conference 2022, the Validation Tool was developed by the iiRDS working group "Tools-Validation-Content". A recording of the launch at the conference and more information can be found at

The iiRDS Consortium continues to develop the standard and tools. For example, the inconsistencies in the iiRDS specifications mentioned in the recording have since been revised. Feedback from users – your feedback – is and will remain important. The iiRDS Validation Tool offers the option to provide feedback in the menu or via the source code in GitHub.


The iiRDS is the International Standard for intelligent information Request and Delivery enabling dynamic information request and delivery in the era of the Industrial Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0, and in the context of Smart Factories.