Why visual communication needs more attention

Our minds consume visual content far more efficiently than written words. In addition, unlike text, visuals often speak to a diverse audience without requiring translation. So why are we still typing?

Text by Biraj Rath


Image: © eclipse_images/istockphoto.com

We are living in a rapidly changing world driven by our customers’ instant need for gratification, changed consumer preferences, and reading and content consumption habits. Businesses need to respond to these new requirements and adapt product and supporting content to address the changing needs. “Consumer” in this scenario refers to anyone who is consuming content created by technical communicators. This includes end users who actually use a product or a service as well as business consumers such as shop operators, technicians, engineers and other professionals who utilize the content for purposes of education, training, guidance or operating a device.

To get started, let’s take a quick look at consumer behavior and changing trends in content consumption:

  1. According to Think with Google, 70% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem.
  2. Think with Google also states that 86% ...