The Memphis innovation model: Building a blockchain community

Creating an innovative environment fostering growth and a strong economy is the aim of any metropolis. By focusing on blockchain technology – both in their educational institutions and in the business sector – Memphis, Tennessee has redefined itself as an innovation hub.

Text by Cody Behles


The Memphis innovation model: Building a blockchain community

Image: © FedEx Institute of Technology

When thinking of cities associated with technology innovation, your mind might jump to places such as San Francisco or Boston. These "idea capitals" are naturally well-situated to take on the role of innovation leaders with companies such as Google, Facebook and Boston Dynamics sustaining the image in our minds that everything is possible in these places. While the major tech players have become the defining feature of the innovation landscape in these markets, it was the concentration of research universities that initially helped to attract and retain top talent in these cities. In fact, if you look at any city that lays claim to a leadership role in the innovation landscape – Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, London, Toronto – you will find a landscape that includes multiple research institutions working in close geographic proximity.

Simplifying the formula for success to "more research ...