"Everybody sells" – it’s not just a slogan anymore

A great opportunity awaits post-sales content professionals who choose to embrace the idea that "everybody sells." With the value our content provides to customers, we can directly contribute to customer acquisition and retention.

Text by Andrea L. Ames


Everybody sells" – it’s not just a slogan anymore

Image: © melpomen/123rf.com

In July 2017, I left corporate employment and started a business. The most interesting and rewarding part of this process was putting many of my working principles to the test in a larger and more varied marketplace.

If you know me, read me, or have seen me speak during the past 15-20 years, you know that one of those principles is that appropriate, high-value, post-sales content fuels a business as much as – or perhaps more than – pre-sales content. There is comparable opportunity for business to be gained or lost in either post-sales or pre-sales content.

I’m thrilled to say that this principle has held up – validated not only by my consulting and coaching engagements but also by my own business and my observation of entrepreneurial colleagues and friends.

How does this work?

Traditionally, pre-sales content was content created or curated and used primarily by marketing and sales ...