Documenting the ever-changing

When working with Artificial Intelligence systems, technical communicators are faced with systems that can change their properties and functions during the course of their use. This naturally provides major challenges in any scenario, but they are all the more crucial when it comes to the medical sector.

Text by Kurt Frech


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Before we turn to the core business of the technical writer – describing the handling of a device – let's take a look at the definitions of medical devices that were considered unchangeable in the past: intended use, patient population, user target group, and technical data.

  • Intended use: The use for which a device is intended according to the data supplied by the manufacturer
  • Patient population: The patient groups that may be treated with this medical device
  • User target group:The persons (usually medical practitioners) who will use the medical product
  • Technical data: Overview of the technical data of a product necessary for the user

All these data are fixed in the approval documents and must be transferred to the instructions for use (IFU). Unfortunately, even in the well-established medical field, the world is no longer as predictable as it used to be due to the use of ...