Do you need a content delivery solution?

Two sides need to be considered carefully before implementing a content delivery solution: What content publishers need and what end users expect from a system. Here is a checklist of requirements that can help companies decide what’s initially important and how the solution might evolve over time.

Text by Joe Girling


Do you need a content delivery solution?

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In my experience, successful content delivery solutions evolve over time, with changing business needs and user feedback being the key drivers of the evolution. At the start of a project, you may have an initial expectation of functionality for your content delivery solution and use MoSCoW or a similar technique to prioritize, perhaps arriving at a minimum viable solution and some future releases. This evolution means it is very important to choose a platform for your content delivery solution that is both extensible and open.

Here is a list of typical functional areas to be considered when planning a content delivery solution:

  • Content
  • Accessing content
  • Delivery platform
  • Personalization/interaction
  • Integration
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Business and support
  • IT

In this article I will only focus on Content and Accessing content.


Content can be broken down into two ...