Anywhere, anytime, collaboratively - the m-learning paradigm

Mobile learning forces educators to try to understand the learner’s needs and abilities on a deeper level than ever before. What opportunities does m-learning hold for technical communicators?

Text by Ray Gallon


Anywhere, anytime, collaboratively - the m-learning paradigm

In most Western countries, debates rage about education, especially in the context of the rapidly accelerating changes of the digital universe we now live in. We sometimes forget that in that same context, learning must be a lifelong process and takes place in the workplace as much - or maybe more - than it does in any classroom.

Since the seventies, distance-learning systems have been the subject of experimentation, utopian visions, vilification, but most of all - they've just been ignored. As with many vanguard ideas, the realization was rather less splendid than the vision:

  • They retained, for the most part, a mass lecture paradigm, with the professor declaiming and dispensing knowledge to the students - in an amphitheatre or watching a monitor somewhere else.
  • They depended on satellite connections that were very expensive and not always reliable at the time.
  • They were based on ...