Next door neighbors: Localization and technical communication

Localization often takes a back seat in the content creation process – the last step on the road to delivering solid, consistent, high-quality global content. Yet, content developers need to keep localization in mind right from the get-go.

Text by Marta Bartnicka


Image: © dashu83/

For more than 20 years, I worked in a corporate translation/localization department. During this time, I strived to bring messages “upstream” to the providers of the content that we translated: UI developers and documentation writers. In fact, I communicated with the content providers regularly and, in many cases, successfully. The difficult part was that with almost every new development team or documentation team, the same messages had to be repeated.

In 2019, I moved “upstream” and joined the technical communications team at Dolby Laboratories as a publishing engineer and localization specialist. I gladly noted that some of the good practices of preparing content for localization were already in place at Dolby, and today, I am contributing to developing them further. The to-do list looks pretty familiar – not only from my previous experience, but also from what I have gathered ...