Localizing TV apps

They’re built in the same coding language and for the same operating system – but localize a TV app the same way you do a mobile app and your message may literally be lost in translation. Here are the major implications to consider.

Text by Terena Bell


Localizing TV apps

Image: © amazon.com


Sometimes quality is a much more important factor than others. Here’s why quality is even more important for Fire TV apps than for mobile apps: Fire TV does not have an app menu. This means there is no place to collect notifications. So unlike on a phone, where users can skim over notifications and save them to read or refer to later, TV users will only see your message once. This means it needs to be translated well enough to drive them to action right then and there. You may even want to consider transcreation – a special marketing translation process charged by the hour or project as opposed to the word. Rarely or never done for mobile apps, transcreation focuses as much – or even more – on delivering the emotional tenor and implication of your message as on the message itself.

Using English

Ironically enough, part of your translated app will need to remain in English. This ...