Assessing your organization’s localization maturity

Picture this: you receive an invite to dinner at a friend's brand-new home. You ask for the address. But it's in an area you're unfamiliar with, so you need to rely on your smartphone's GPS to get you there. Along the way you pass several landmarks, as your GPS transmits information from satellites orbiting the earth to pinpoint your exact location.

Text by Aisling Nolan


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The same premise applies to content localization. You first have to identify your current location, then pass a few milestones on the way to your destination. The localization maturity model acts as your roadmap, pointing you in the direction of where you ultimately want to go. Without it, you're lost. Ignore it, and you'll likely take a few unwanted detours adding unnecessary travel time to your trip.

But by strategically leveraging the localization maturity model, you can easily spot roadblocks, and implement solutions to help you move more quickly through the process.

In the following we'll cover the five stages of localization maturity – based on CSA Research's Localization Maturity Model™ – how to assess where you are and how to move up the ladder. Here's what each step looks like:

Stage 1 – Manual

Most organizations localizing content start out by using a variety of manual ...