Write to design

A good user interface is usually associated with visually appealing elements such as colors and buttons. But it is words that truly deliver your message. "UX writing" not only improves your copy, it helps you to develop user interfaces with a catching, narrative design.

Text by Nithya Krishnan


Write to design

Image: alphaspirit/123rf.com

Technical writers have long been working on providing copy for user interfaces. However, as we transitioned from traditional graphical user interfaces to web-based applications and, more recently, to conversational user interfaces, the challenges have changed, and so has the definition of good text.

Text is an essential element for any user interface, as the right words in the right context help users achieve their goals and find what they were looking for. Thus, text is an integral part of your content strategy, an approach that involves crafting, developing, managing, and publishing written and graphical content to create a consistent and pleasing user experience (UX). Your content strategy should always focus on what the user wants to achieve, and the design of both graphics and text should follow suit.

The discipline of UX writing can be regarded as part of a content strategy, one ...