Terminology to suit the master plan

Terminology in line with a plan, tapping synergies, overcoming technical hurdles and not losing sight of the big picture, namely, overall multilingual communication: Is all this just a pipe dream or just a question of perspective and approach? A lot of things that corporate managers have hoped for with regards to terminology management are already feasible in terms of technology and work process.

Text by Diana Brändle Wolfgang Zenk


Terminology to suit the master plan

Discussions held in the past on the role of terminology have brought out some facts clearly: technical communication requires an agreed terminology, good technical documentation requires defined concepts or terms that are valid uniformly and without orthographic variants in all contexts. And all companies need a documented corporate language, across the boundaries of all departments, locations and languages.

Terminology work consists of arriving at agreed solutions for this and recording them in a terminology management system or “TMS”. Professional systems provide a large number of databases for capturing terminology in a systematic and structured manner. A terminology guideline defines what goes into the terminology. All these instruments and measures are known, still, terminology has been an issue for long. Why is this so?

A plethora of interfaces

From a company’s point of view one ...