Rules for standardized writing

Standardization is usually equated with the use of standard technical tools and introduction of a content management system. However, the solutions fulfill their complete potential only when the language itself is standardized. This requires rules.

Text by Isabelle Fleury


Rules for standardized writing

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The translation industry has done it for ages: Formulation guidelines are laid down in style guides. These ensure that contents are translated consistently irrespective of individual translators and can be reused without problem by using a translation memory system. Text quality increases, costs reduce. However, translators can efficiently achieve a good result only when they receive text material that is clear and understandable – irrespective of the author.

Why we need writing rules

On searching for further options to reduce costs and accelerate text production, the creation of source texts comes into focus. Defining writing rules improves the comprehensibility of texts and in the long run reduces the translators’ time, who then do not need to ponder about the text and ask for clarifications. Even the rate of errors goes down in the source texts and their translation, and finally in ...