Improving your documentation project with "Docs as Code"

Software development has faced many challenges over the past few decades, and all too often technical documentation teams need to overcome similar hurdles. Which solutions have proved their worth over the years, and how can we apply them to documentation projects?

Text by Alex Jitianu


Image: © Weerapat Wattanapichayakul/

Docs as Code, as it is defined, refers to a philosophy that you should be writing documentation with the same tools and workflows as code. Although the workflows are of great importance here, if the documentation is for a software product, using the same tools as the developers can bring additional benefits, such as an increased willingness to collaborate. Also, chances are that the software team already has these processes set up, and it is therefore even easier and more logical to use the same tools and workflows for the documentation process. In my company, both software development and documentation teams are employing the same workflows and tools. A story is not complete until documented!

In this article, I will talk about what you need to take into account to implement a proper Docs-as-Code workflow.

Version control system

Does anyone remember those times when we kept multiple ...