Are you keeping your messages clear?

Clarity is crucial for the user experience. It is how we transfer knowledge to our users and guide them towards their goals. So, how clear are your messages?

Text by Shwetha Madhan


Image: © Ollyy/

Aiming for clarity

One of the most critical components of modern web design – sometimes left out of the discussion – is CLARITY. Users, now more than ever, want speed and great usability. Attention spans have decreased and by keeping your design and UX clear, you’ll ensure a much better user experience. User experience (UX) is more than the user interface design. What you write in your UI can make or break the UX. By keeping designs simple and keeping interfaces clear, you increase your chances of satisfying the demand for speed, functionality, and usability. In this article, I’ll talk about some of the UX principles that strive for “simplicity and clarity”.


Grammar, spelling, and UX

How do you rank spelling in terms of your user experience? Do you think it is important?
Spelling errors not only reflect on your brand credibility, but also impact readability and localization: While ...