Remote working: Finding better ways to collaborate

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way we work. But when collaboration is restricted to the virtual-only, staying connected is more important than ever.

Text by Nithya Krishnan


Image: © SolStock/

As writers, collaboration and communication are part and parcel of our everyday work. With so many stakeholders to talk to, a good part of the day goes into discussions, clarifications, questioning, and documenting these interactions.

However, this model simply changed overnight when you were asked not to come into work and, instead, to continue all that you have been doing from home. At first glance, it may have appeared fairly straightforward. Who wouldn’t like to avoid the travel woes that most of us face each day? Who isn’t happy to get that bit of extra time to focus on other things? Besides, could it be so hard to execute all your tasks from the comfort of your home? It might have appeared simple at first, but over time we have come to realize that it isn’t as optimal as we had anticipated.

In the face of this pandemic that has affected the world, the remote-working mode has set ...