How to improve the positioning of your team

Profiling without profile neurosis: a guide to improving your reputation and gaining more influence

Text by Isabelle Fleury


Image: © alvarez/

The ubiquitous discussion of digitization is spotlighting technical communication’s very own topic: information management. How can your team take advantage of this opportunity and position itself within the company for current and upcoming developments? How can you improve the visibility of your team and gain the power to shape the information management processes in your company?

Technical documentation teams work particularly hard and do everything possible to meet the scope and deadlines of projects. Yet, they often struggle to gain recognition for it, while other departments seem to get a quick answer to their questions, an appointment with upper management, or additional budget almost effortlessly. According to my experience, performance and competence alone are rarely enough to be acknowledged in a company. Still, how others reach their goals with ease involves no witchcraft. It ...