Building and managing a successful distributed team

How can we build an environment in which global technical communicators can be successful? Face the challenges head-on to keep your team energized, innovative, and productive.

Text by Alyssa Fox


Building and managing a successful distributed team

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Managing a team is difficult, managing a team that is distributed around the world even more so. Building and managing a cohesive global information development team requires the right people, the right systems, and the right tools. So how can we get these components together?

Challenges for information development

Information development teams often face a number of challenges in an organization. These include:

  • Other members of the organization don’t value the work of information development teams. Some colleagues might even imply that information developers “copy and paste” or “pretty up” what someone else has written.
  • Information development teams might experience reduced clout. This is due to the fact that people don’t understand what these teams do and therefore don’t recognize their value.
  • Information development might not be included in planning and estimates, or is brought ...