Meeting the demand for academic training for technical writers

The profession of technical writers is a comparatively young one. It came into life in the 1960s, driven by an increasing technification and the mass production of modern products. Since the 1990s, study programs in technical communication are being offered.

Text by Daniela Straub


Meeting the demand for academic training for technical writers

In Germany, there are now at least 32 universities, that either teach technical communication or subjects related to it. Graduates of these courses are highly demanded in the labor market. The need for qualified staff is high. Despite the fact that there is already a very good range of academic training on offer in Germany, only around 20 percent of technical writers have a university degree. Other European countries offer significantly fewer or even no study programs in technical documentation.

To change this, the EU-funded "TecComFrame" project was launched in 2015. This international project consortium developed an academic competence framework for the academic training of technical writers. For this purpose, exemplary curricula were developed. This will provide universities wishing to offer a course or study program in technical writing with a guideline for academic training.

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