Back to Uni with TCLoc - an insider report

After working in translation and localization for many years, Silvia Doehnert decided to hit the school bench once again. She completed the TCLoc Master's Program at the University of Strasbourg as well as the tekom certificate. Here is her report.

Text by Silvia Doehnert


Back to Uni with TCLoc - an insider report

A little over a year ago, I took the brave and bold decision to go back to university. After seven years in my position as an in-house translator and localization coordinator for Esker, a French cloud-based software company, I felt the need to take a step back. I truly enjoy the challenges the tech world brings to us linguists every day. However, forever immersed in our internal formats and processes, I was keen to broaden my horizon, to update and expand my skills, and to learn about new benchmarks in this fast-moving industry. Since I was working in an agile environment, I was particularly curious to explore new tools and practices that would help me to better integrate the technical translation process into our product development cycle.

That being said, returning to school ten years after graduation, with two kids and an almost full-time job was also a scary perspective. I had to ...