The hurdles to overcome while your business grows

In only a decade, translation service provider Tomedes evolved from a small start-up into a global enterprise. CEO Ofer Tirosh shares his experience and the lessons learned along the journey.

Text by Ofer Tirosh


Image: © gajus/

At one point or another, every business experiences growing pains. Scaling a small enterprise up into a larger company with middle managers and a far wider geographic spread while maintaining the original values provides a significant challenge.

Imagine then that your business has grown into a global enterprise in just a decade. This was the challenge faced by Tomedes, a company that was only an enthusiastic start-up ten years ago and today provides translation and interpretation services to clients around the world. As its CEO, let me share with you my experience along the process and the challenges that the company encountered during its expansion – and how we overcame them.

Early challenges

Roughly two out of three small businesses are still going a year after they were founded. However, a decade later, an additional two thirds of these have ceased operations. Those which survive, ...